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Adieu Fred

Renowned mountain runner Fred Zalokar, owner of the Cambodian mount Aural fastest ascent record has passed away. C4 Adventure partners remembers a breathtaking performance, a wise athlete and unique adventurer.

Fred Zalokar

I am interested in transportation and a guide to climb to the high point of Cambodia - Aural Mtn- 1813m. I am an experienced mountain runner and climber who would like to move fast - maybe do it in a day.

As adventure professionals, we are very used to overconfident participants. To avoid any bad surprises on trail, we tend to suggest more of a classic schedule in order to avoir surprises.

Can you provide a trip to the top (1813m) in less than 3 days? Would you or do you know someone else who would be interested in doing the hike faster?

Thank for your consideration,

Fred Zalokar

After researching "Fred Zalokar" online, I understand that Fred Zalokar is not an overconfident participant. He is Fred Zalokar, the endurance athlete who competed in several ultramarathons and climbed the world’s tallest mountains.