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Feed the resilience #2

Sunday morning. Locked ? Not really. There are plenty of things to do. And here are a few, by C4 Adventures.

Movie: Seven years in Tibet (1997, available on Netflix Cambodia)

A classic of adventure. The true story of the Austrian mountain climber Heinrich Harrer who became friends with the Dalai Lama in a time political crisis.

Going to an adventure means getting out of time, far from societies. But when society is running back to you, even in the most remote places of the world, when adventurers become stuck in history, when the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history.

Link to movie here.

[French] Documentary: Une espèce à part (2019)

Adventure is exploration. Around, far, but beyond all, inside, in capacity to dig in yourself to persevere and refuse to give-up. . We are in a universe of in which we have never been the center. From the universe to genes, from ecosystems to the human body, this documentary will allow you to contemplate the universe from outside our bodies.

Link to documentary here.

[French] Podcast: L’écho des alpages (2019)

You might have heard one on your favorite C4 guide asking, in the middle of the jungle, to take a moment, and to listen. The sound of nature is deep, strong and beautiful. Listen to the audio-naturalist Marc Namblard climbing mountains to record nature most beautiful songs, under the still bright summer sun.

Link to the podcast here.

Practical exercise: how to use a compas

Grab your compas, back to basic! If you don't have a compas, well, you should. Just don't say it loud in your next adventure with C4, you might have to do some push-ups. Navigation is one of the essentials of the responsible adventurer. It makes your adventure safer!

Link to the video here.

Remember, adventure is more than being out in the wild. It's a mindset, a community, a culture, our way of life, because a good life is full of adventures.


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