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International pandemic management

C4 Adventures is now pausing all tours for the next 3 months due to the fast spread of the COVID19 in the Kingdom of Cambodia to focus on consulting activities. Our team is now fully dedicated to advise you and your communities on preventive measures, confinement preparations, confinement management, repatriation and extraction planning through out this unprecedented crisis.

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Our world has overturned. The COVID19 has created an international sanitary crisis. More than one third of world wide human population is now living in confinement. Governments all around the world are taking on short notice drastic measures to fight the propagation of the virus : borders are closing, airport are being shut down, schools, bars and cinema are no longer operating, public gathering are forbidden. Social isolation is now the best shield for millions of families and communities to prevent the pandemic to keep spreading. David Minetti, the founder of C4 Adventures, is an active military personnel with 25 years of experience in military industry and counting : former French Legionnaire, he is currently working since 10 years as US government contractor for the US Department of State. Specialised in crisis management, David Minetti has been deployed in numerous crisis areas and war zones all around the world. He has notably been managing in Burkina Faso the planning of the extraction of a group during a 6 days of confinement on the roof of the Pacific Hotel in 2014 as a coup d’Etat occurred and the airspace was closed. He has escaped a kidnapping attempt in Senegal the same year. Recently, he has spend two years in Somalia to plan and execute the countering of the rise of Al-Shebab. The time of  inaction has passed, taking your responsibilities in this unique crisis is a must. We are all exposed. Do not expect help from anyone. Stay alert, be self-reliant. If you need help, please reach out to our team. Our services include detailed documentation and tailor made consulting on :

  • COVID-19 preventive measures,

  • Confinement preparations,

  • Confinement management,

  • Repatriation planning,

  • Extraction from a failed/compromised confinement,

  • Selection of a secondary confinement location,

  • Extraction execution.

contact us now to access our consulting platform jeanbenoit@c4-adventures.com or +855 97 767 79 29

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