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Image by Ekaterina Sazonova


Adventures in Russia

Discover the stunning landscapes of Siberia on horseback with C4 Adventures. Our guided tours take you through the pristine wilderness around Lake Baikal, where you'll witness breathtaking views, encounter unique wildlife, and experience the hospitality of the Buryat people. Our experienced guides ensure your safety and comfort, while our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures the preservation of this natural wonder for generations to come. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Siberia.

Baikal Lake.jpg

C4 Baikal Lake Adventure

(Siberia, Russia)

from 1890USD

(available all year)

C4 Adventures takes you to the earth of Siberia : the mythic Baikal lake.

Through ancient trails, you will horse ride, trek and camp in footsteps of Slavs hunters and miners.

✪ mountain                                ✪ taiga                         ✪ autonomy

C4 logistic is grounded, lapped and adaptable to any situation. The military structure of the company and training of its guides guaranties safety and security at all times.

Please note that our departures require a minimum of 4 people per group.

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