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How to travel differently

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Who we are

C4 Adventures is an adventure travel agency founded in 2003 by former French legionnaire David Minetti, military, survival and wilderness expert. As part of the development of the agency, C4 Adventures welcomes Jean-Benoît Lasselin as new business partner in 2018.

What we do

The company activities involve outdoor video production development and supervision, exploration, hiking, schools and summer camps, outdoor activities assessment and development (C4 Base Camps), mountain biking, canyoning, archery, climbing, diving, team building, first aid training and RAID adventures for an alternative tourism which seeks for out-of-the-ordinary and off grid experiences (physical activity, cultural exchange and connection with nature).


Adventure differently

The C4 Adventures agency is a team of trained professionals with a strong passion for outdoor life and nature, carefully following well-built standards and operational procedures. The strength of the agency is based on its operational flexibility and its capacity to adapt to all terrains. The military and sports experience of David Minetti provide safe environments for C4 activities, the regional entrepreneurial roots of Jean-Benoît Lasselin brings a market adapted commercial catalogue of services. Most of C4 customers appreciate the military approached of the organization allowing safe and unique services with strong pedagogical outcomes.

Together, David Minetti and Jean-Benoît Lasselin have been providing to numerous B to B and B to C permanent high standard services to each adventure project to provide unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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