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Feed the resilience #3

Congratulations, you just finished your daily workout. Here are a few rewards to entertain the beast. Enjoy.

Movie: Arctic (2018)

Solitude. Total solitude. Adventure to its climax. After a plane crash in the middle of the Arctic snow desert, a man must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown. The permanent dilemma in all survival situations.

Link to movie's IMDB page here.

Documentary: ZABARDAST (2018)

Spanning the borders of China, India, and Pakistan, extending to Afghanistan and Tajikistan, jump in the intimate travel diary of a 5 weeks freeride expedition in the Karakoram mountain range. The search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the planet, standing at 5880m. Remote, high and committed, no mistakes were allowed.

Link to documentary here.

[French] Podcast: Maud Fontenoy, l’Atlantique à la rame (2019)

In 2003, Maud Fontenoy was 25 years old when she rowed across the Atlantic on a boat 6.50 meters long and 1.60 meters wide. Alone in the ocean, where only determination allowed her to overcome everything. A unique story of aventure.

Link to the podcast here.

[French] Practical exercise: Jungle bivouac installation

You know the drill: each adventure includes bivouacking. One of the most important step to a responsible adventure. Being organized and rested bring more comfort to your experience. Follow C4 founder David Minetti this tutorial video on how to properly install your bivouac.

Link to the video here.

Remember, adventure is more than being out in the wild. It's a mindset, a community, a culture, our way of life, because a good life is full of adventures.


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