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The 3 fundamental rules of responsible trekking

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

It's a small casual walk in the a quiet valley of the Kirirom National Park. We are almost there. One of the most breathtaking place in the kingdom of Cambodia. I turn to the group, I ask them not the take picture for the first few minutes, just to contemplate, to experience what we are about to witness. After a few hundred meters, we are here, on one of the highest point of view of the park, a young man is throwing a plastic bottle on the edge of the cliff, a sound system is shaking the ground, motorbikes everywhere, and trash, trash all around.

So, you want to go camping, yes it's super, yes it's all about disconnecting from your everyday lifestyle, and yes there are rules to follow. Many bad habits from the city are being witnessed in the forests or jungles of the Kingdom.

For most of you, those rules may sound obvious but many travelers are still not aware of the consequences of their ignorance. Once again, the objective of being responsible is to preserve our environment and to allow other travelers to experience nature to its best.

Zero footprint philosophy