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Is this really necessary?

Can I borrow your knife? Where can I put my tarp? My backpack is so full! I only took a plastic bottle, how can I carry boiled water? Isn't my bottle going to melt? How can create a stake without a knife?

When joining a trekking tour with C4 in the jungle or in the forest, it is important to consider the recommended gear list that your C4 guide has sent you. While each item has its own specific purpose, there are a few items that are particularly essential that you cannot skip.

A metal flask

Without drinking water, your trip is going to be painful. The jungle can be hot and humid, and you need to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration. Carrying a metal flask is important because it can withstand the rough terrain and extreme temperatures. So, the metal flask is an important item to bring on your trek because it allows you to boil the water you directly collected from the river. This is especially important if you're trekking for more than a day and need to purify water to drink. Boiling water is the most effective method of purifying water in the jungle, and having a metal flask makes it easy to do so. You can simply fill it with water from the river, put it directly in the fire, and let it boil for a few minutes. This will kill any harmful bacteria or parasites in the water and make it safe to drink. In addition, a metal flask can also be used to store hot drinks or soups, which can be very comforting in the cold jungle nights.

A good knife

Another essential item to bring on your jungle trek is a good knife. A good knife means you paid more than 50USD for it, period. Under 50USD, you bought a toy or you've got a good discount on a proper product. A good knife helps you to prepare food, build your camp or to cut rope. When trekking in the jungle, it's important to have a knife that is sharp and durable, as you never know what challenges you may encounter. A sharp knife can be used to easily cut things that may be in your way. Remember, it is always painful to wait for someone to finish using his/her knife so you can cut your fruit or vegetables.

A strong rope

Always bring 2 to 3 meters of rope with you: it is critically useful when trekking with C4 as your guide like things to properly organized and secure. A broken handler, an overloaded backpack or a shoelace that is too short ... Rope can be used for everything: to hang equipment when bivouacking, fix things that may break on your backpack or other equipment, and even to attach equipment to your backpack or belt. This can help to keep your hands free and your gear secure while trekking through dense jungle terrain. In addition, if you like comfort, you will enjoy stretching rope between two trees to dry your socks.

C4 Adventures anticipates all risks by helping you to prepare carefully your gear. it's important to bring the right equipment to ensure your safety and comfort. A metal flask, a knife, and rope are essential items that can help you purify water, prepare food, build your camp to ensure a comfortable experience through the jungle terrain. With these items in your backpack, you'll be well-equipped for any challenges you may encounter on your trek and you won't look like a little boy who lost his mommy at the mall.


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