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More than 20 years of immersive adventures in Europe, North America,
SE Asia and Latin America

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Already 20 years of adventures

Founded by survival expert

David Minetti in 2003 in Saïgon

After many years in the French military special forces, David Minetti falls in love with South East Asia and decides to settle in Vietnam. As a survival and wilderness expert, the ex-soldier starts a small adventure tour office in the back alley of the 1st district of the Vietnamese capital. David Minetti doesn't know it yet, but he is the first tourism entrepreneur to open a military grade adventures tour agency in South East Asia.

Today, C4 Adventures operates tours in more than 7 countries, covers all types of climate, train and advise outdoor video productions, lead explorations, develops schools camps and conducts outdoor activities assessment.

The C4 Adventures agency is a team of trained professionals with a strong passion for outdoor life and nature, carefully following well-built standards and operational procedures, adaptable to all terrains. C4 tours are high end adventure experiences, unforgettable outdoor memories.

Leaf Pattern Design
Foot Tracks on Sand

Our best adventure in CAMBODIA

C4 travelers choice

C4 Aural Mountain Ascent

Climb the Aural Mountain (1813m), the highest peak of Cambodia. Discover an unknown part of the Cambodian backcountry. You will learn how to get through a high canopy, to evolve out of your comfort zone, to reach the top, whatever happens.


difficulty level ★★★★☆

comfort level ★★☆☆☆

C4 Aural Mountain Ascent

Famous French Youtuber INOXTAG
jumps into
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