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C4 Kirirom Base Camp

Discover the C4 permanent base camp on the hills of the Kirirom National Park

C4 Kirirom Base Camp is a renovated villa located on the top of Kirirom hills dedicated to dynamic holidays. From trekking to mountain bike riding, our eco-friendly campground allows a complete immersion into the forest life.


New C4 trail available

C4 Kirirom Jungle Stream

Welcome to C4 latest trail. Get ready to get wet. C4 is taking you into a jungle stream. Step in the hidden paths of the Kirirom National Park and emerge yourself in a unique ecosystem where wildlife carefully gather before heading back to the pine tree forests.

C4 Kirirom Forest Adventure (2 days)
Cross the Kirirom National Park with C4 Adventures for 2 days, navigate into various parts of the most famous plateau of the Kingdom, learn the basics of autonomy, bivouac set up and outdoor technics.
Time is TBD
Kirirom National Park,

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