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C4 Team Building

Looking to improve communication, collaboration and productivity among team members? C4 Adventures provides high quality organization, commitment to safety, and unique outdoor experiences to increase confidence and camaraderie among your team. Book your team building with C4 Adventures for an unforgettable corporate experience.









C4 Adventures takes you and your collaborators to a multitude of activities combined with the basics of outdoor life, developed to enhance positive attitude, to embrace confidence, new environment adaptation and situational awareness.

C4 pedagogical modules destined to corporates are developed to enhance positive attitude, to embrace confidence, new environment adaptation, outdoor situational awareness, self confidence, problem solving capacity, difficult situation management, skills acquisition and application, emphasis on a proactive behavior and competitive spirit.

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Corporate goals

Technical management of a new environment

Your team will learn self confidence through out the management of technical gear, height and stress. The C4 staff is always gently pushing toward a capacity of autonomy in order for the participants to understand a goal can be easily reached.

Analyzing data, working with new tools, implementing new skills and moving forward as a team to overcome a new situation and an unknown terrain.

C4 Adventures takes you into authentic locations, requiring from each participant to step out of his/her comfort, far from everyday habits and logics.
The C4 Team Building is a journey for the participants mind and body to be developed far from urban boundaries focusing on sports initiation, with the school pedagogic team and cautiously selected partners.
C4 logistic is grounded, lapped and adaptable to any situation. The military structure of the company and training of its guides guaranties safety and security at all times


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