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C4 Classroom

C4 Courses and Educative Programs

Sunset Over Forest

Team building

C4 pedagogical modules destined to corporates are developed to enhance positive attitude, to embrace confidence, new environment adaptation, outdoor situational awareness, self confidence, problem solving capacity, difficult situation management, skills acquisition and application, emphasis on a proactive behaviour and competitive spirit.

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animal tracking.HEIC

Outdoor discovery camp

How to set a camp, fire building techniques, water purification techniques, jungle orienteering ... Starting from 5 years old, young adventurers will be discovering the wilderness, its rules, the basics of bushcraft.

Orienteering camp

With or without maps, compass or GPS … whatever the terrain, never get lost, always find your way. The iconic Jungle land navigation courses will allow you to master the art of cruising.


Survival experience

Discover from the basics of jungle survival to the most advance survival courses. Coached by C4 experts, you will learn to master your environment, to manage your health and develop fundamental tools. C4 jungle survival course will prepare you to overcome tropical forest challenges and unlock your survival mindset.

Basic Life Saver course

Learn how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills. Become a licensed first responder to provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorism.

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C4 Classroom is an immersion into cutting edge courses and more than 25 years of field military experience.

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