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[Press Release] Mount Aural fastest ascent attempt

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

International adventurer David Minetti and mountain runner Fred Zalokar will attempt Mount Aural fastest ascent attempt on Monday the 17th of February.

The Aural mountain has always attracted young adventurers and confirmed trekkers as it is a remote and non-touristic part of Cambodia. The highest peak of the Cardamom mountains culminates above 1800m. Its particular vegetation and untouched wildlife make the Aural ascent a unique experience of trekking.

Most of the travellers departing from Phnom Penh spend 4 to 5 hours in the transports to reach the Aural district to then accomplish the climb in 2 days with 2 base camps, followed by a last day of tracking back to their main transport. The Aural mountain may not be the tallest of the region but remains one of the toughest as the climber will face an average 50% inclination rate, with some 80% sections, a slippery terrain as the humidity level reaches 80% and an oppressive heat, from 36 degrees Celsius at the mountain feet temperature to 26 degrees Celsius at the summit).

“We have heard about people reaching the top within a day, but this performance has never been recorded, and we are going to set this first record in order to motivate others to beat it” explains David Minetti, former athlete and entrepreneur established in SE Asia. “Tropical jungle is my specialty; I push the limits every day in my physical training and companies, reaching the summit of Aural mountain is usually a 3 to 4 days trip. Why not making it the fastest adventure possible?” continues the 43 yeas old French man.

American mountain runner Fred Zalokar has visited more than 130 country, climbed 156 mountains and reached 81 high points so far : "Throughout my running, I have maintained my passion for travel & climbing, and combine them all whenever I have a chance. Family vacations are often planned around an exciting destination race, or a climb, and almost always involve going to a country I haven’t visited before. I love to experience people & their cultures, and running a race, climbing a mountain, or just running in a local park before sunrise is such a great way to get a sense of a place & its people."

C4 Adventures will be in charge of the organisation of the ascent. Jean-Benoît Lasselin, 34, managing director of C4 Adventures, will supervise the safety and the supply of the athletes: “Aural mountain stays a remote location and its the ascent remains a challenge. We will install a safety and check points before the arrival of Fred and David. My team will settle at the departure line a first safety point at the foot of the mountain, followed by one check points at 1000m and a second one at the summit. The C4 team will closely monitor the performance as it will be recorded and published”.

David and Fred will depart from Phnom Penh on Sunday the 17th of February 2020 evening to arrive in the Aural district on Monday during the night. They will have a 10 km trek to the foothill where a first C4 safety point has been set up to mark the departure of the ascent. The two adventurers will face a total of 40km to complete.


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