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Feed the resilience #4

In the wild, you forget about the calendar. There are no Mondays neither week-ends. There is sunrise and sunset. And in between, there is you, organized, focused and determined. Stuck is a feeling. Adventure is more than travelling, it's a way of life. New C4 favorites for you, to feed your resilience.

Movie: 28 Days Later... (2002, available on Netflix Cambodia)

Discover or rediscover the British urban survival classic with the amazing Cillian Murphy: four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. If you attended the C4 Initiation to urban survival (poke to Northbridge students), you will enjoy pointing rights and wrongs doings of the main characters.

Link to movie here.

Documentary: Yukon, the wild quest (2015)

Meet Kim Pasche in his journey into the heart of time, of nature, and humanity, who he left Switzerland to explore the heart of Northern Canada. Driven by archeology and passion for the wild, he experiments with the primitive facts and techniques of life in the vast Yukon territory. A travel through nature and time, to the origins of mankind.

Link to documentary here.

[French] Podcast: Les esclaves oubliés de Tromelin (2018)

On 31 July 1761, the French ship Utile commanded by Captain Jean de La Fargue, transporting slaves from Madagascar to Mauritius, ran onto the reefs of the Tromelin island with 160 Malagasy men, women, and children despite the prohibition of trafficking decreed. A navigation error, due to the use of two conflicting charts, caused the vessel to wreck on the reefs. After managing to reach the island, the crew retrieved various equipment, food and wood from the wreckage. After building camps, a forge and an oven, and with the materials recovered from the wreckage, began construction of a boat. On 27 September 1761, a contingent of 122 French sailors (crew and officers) left Tromelin aboard the Providence. They left the surviving slaves – 60 Malagasy men and women – on the desert island, promising to return and rescue them.

Link to the podcast here.

Practical exercise: How to Clean Your Hydration Reservoir

No water, no adventure. No clean water, no proper hydration. How to clean your reservoir, prevent bacteria from growing again and some tips for storage ?

Link to the video here.

Remember, adventure is more than being out in the wild. It's a mindset, a community, a culture, our way of life, because a good life is full of adventures.


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