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Simply reconnect with nature

Updated: May 18, 2020

Dear adventurers,

All around the world, the ongoing sanitary crisis had a strong effect on our activities and personal lives. Some countries have been hit hard compared to others. An epidemic is common, pandemics are about to be. Our lifestyles are not sustainable simply because they are not connected with nature. It is imperative to bring more people to reconnect with outdoor life. Staying deaf and unaware of nature's cycles and beauty will precipitate all of us to dystopia.

Adventurers know how to appreciate a sip of water on a remote island, how to move forward despite the lack of trail in the jungle, how to collect and save resources in the cold of Siberia, how a sunset bivouac on the top of the Cardamom mountains cannot compete with anything else, how to respect other species habitat anywhere in the world.

Those sanitary crisis can be prevented by simply reconnecting with nature. So, help around others to reconnect, take them with you on your next adventure, for a gentle walk or a hardcore ascent. There is no other way, there never was.

I count on you,

See you in the wild,

David Minetti,

C4 Adventures Founder


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